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About Us

Adventist Healthcare has no mission of “converting” people to Adventism. Adventist healthcare aim is for people to become whole in all their aspects of life. Having that state a person can reach a better position to discern right from wrong to the point of distinguishing God’s voice. As the Bible teaches, Jesus Christ, has promised to return to earth for a second time, and make a new earth with no sin. He will take with him those that are in a constant relation with Him.

Disease is not a punishment from God to a person sinning. Sometime after creation, an enemy of God brought sin into earth, bringing sickness, suffering, death and separation. God sent His son to earth, Jesus Christ in order to reconcile humanity with God.Jesus came to preach, teach and heal people, and after He overpowered the enemy of God paying the price of sin by dying in the cross on behalf of humanity, He went back to heaven to prepare a place for those that accept Him, promising to return for them.

about us

In the meantime, a path was open for humankind to plead with God thought Jesus Christ’s intercession. God continues healing using medical doctors, nursing and healthcare personnel, medicines, the same body and even through miraculous and unexplainable health recoveries. God intervenes according to His will. In this context prayer in an important role in healthcare as God is not only the life giver but the life restorer.

God also established laws of nature for the human body that if they are respected, they contribute to the proper and ideal function of the organism. The deviation of the normal function of the human body, carries consequences. Hence the model has a strong emphasis on prevention. Eight natural laws are specifically emphasize called NEWSTART: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Rest, Air, and Trust in God.


To prepare highly qualified medical professionals that excel in service providing wholistic Christ-like care


To be a model institution improving lives in the communities we serve through excellence in education, research and wholistic Christian care with evidence-based medicine and lifestyle changes consistent with the highest standards of Adventist health principles.


The Adventist School of Medicine of East-Central Africa is founded on the Seventh-day Adventist church’s philosophy which is applicable in both fields of health and education. Therefore, ASOME philosophical foundation is based on a biblical worldview, in which the Bible is the source of knowledge wherein God’s character and His principles are presented. In line with this, the utmost aim of education is to restore the image of God in humanity.

Education is only complete when the tridimensional aspects of humanity (mental, physical and spiritual) are addressed in a balanced manner. Therefore, the atmosphere in which education is imparted is of key significance since the educational process transcends in and outside the classroom. Hence, this Wholeness concept transcends in the curriculum, student residence, cafeteria, physical infrastructure, programs and policies.

ASOME transmit in students the use of reason and self-development instead of mere reflectors of knowledge. Leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, inquiry and reflection are highly promoted in order to transcend into evidence-based attention, research and innovation development. High morals and ethics are wholistically crucial since respect to God, superiors, peers, patients and patient’s relatives, as well as the human body as a creation on the God’s image, are pillars in the medical attention with integrity and quality patient care.

ASOME thrives to prepare medical doctors in professional clinical competencies working, in multi discipline teams, to be implemented in both high and low technological healthcare organizations with a worldwide mission scope. Every alumni are guided in order to continue specializing in the medical field and even after that to pursue a personal commitment of lifelong learning. Selfless service to others and their communities as well as the emphasis on health education is an elemental pillar of ASOME education. Hence AUCA medical doctors are expected to be not only in service of fellow humans but with a strong sense of social responsibility. Students are forged into a human and empathetic mindset and attitude in the illness prevention, attention of disease, and preparation for the end of life and the life to come.